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Andrew Dark: Managing Director
Managing Director
Andy does it all. Nothing can shake his steely determination to get the job done. Likes coffee on tap. Dislikes dogs.
John Armstrong: Managing Director
Managing Director
Man about town, John has built a reputation for making things happen. Likes chicken nuggets. Dislikes running out of chicken nuggets.
Holly Dark: Sales Manager
Sales Manager
Holly takes no prisoners when it comes to making sure her clients get the best. Holly was our first female employee and has s degree in counselling! Her favourite colour is Mustard. Likes white wine. Dislikes small glasses.
George Boyle: Operations (not the board game) Manager
Operations Manager
George's favourite colour is Cobalt Blue. A fun fact is that he has 16 siblings! He hates bad internet connections. When he's not coordinating production schedules he's coordinating Warzone wins at home πŸ•ΉοΈ
Chelsey Scott: Accounts
If Custom Planet was a computer, Chelsey would be the motherboard. Seamlessly taking information from every department and stitching it together to make sense to the rest of us. Likes Lilt. Dislikes theives.
Jenna Spells: Sales Superstar
Sales Accounts Manager
Jenna has forgotton more about printed merch than most people know. A calming influence in the office and the UK's most friendly sales person. In their spare time they are the proud owner of a flourishing allotment. Their favourite colour is 2184 Blue, and their pet peeve is tailgaters!
Damian Pearson: Artwork expert and International Man of the Year
Custom Planet's International Man of the Year has a certain set of skills that make life very easy for people like you. Likes turtle necks sweats. Dislikes fonts that haven't been outlined and liars. Their favourite colour is Pantone 482 RED, and they'd like you to know that David Jason spat in his face once!
Rafael Mello: Artwork expert and 3D-modelling maniac
Rafa's favourite colour is black. When he's not doing artwork he's also a 3D-modelling maniac!
Richard Oliphant: Not on the Santa Clarita Diet
Sales Accounts Manager
Richard's favourite colour is Black. A fun fact is that he has visited over 18 of the US states! He hates people who eat too loudly. When he's not looking at his Bruce Willis poster at work he's looking at the one on his mantlepiece at home.
Mike Marra: Production Manager, Kiwi, Step-Brother
Production Manager
The man on a mission. Kiwi Mike runs production with the grace and strength of the late Jonah Lomu. Their favourite colour is black and their pet peeve is people that don't indicate 😬
Cameron Walker: Embroidery Manager, No-Nonsense Talker
Embroidery Manager
Don't touch Camerons embroidery threads whatever you do. He runs his department like a well oiled embroidery machine. Control freak. Likes embroidery. Dislikes disorganised people. Their favourite colour is British Racing Green 🏎️
Daniel Ashby: Logistics Manager, warehouse warrior
Logistics Manager
Voted the most loved member of the CP team in 2017, Dan is always there when you need him. The warehouse never stops and neither does our resident geek. Likes Anime. Loves the colour blue. Hates people who can't use roundabouts.
Sam: Screen Printer, ink stain's worst nightmare
Screen Print
I forgot to write anything down from Sam's interview. Sorry! 😒 However he is an expert screen cleaner πŸ’ͺ
Orsi: Embroidery member and enemy of butterflies
It's pronounced ɔːʃiː (Or-She). Her favourite colours are black and green, and she's terrified of butterflies πŸ¦‹
Iris: Logistics, finishing, occasionally a spot of sewing
Iris' favourite colour is Lime Green - zesty!
Jason: Screen Printer, Sam's worst nightmare
Screen Print
Jason is Sam's brother and fellow Screen Print member
Nora: Embroidery Enigma
Nora's favourite colour is blue and she's can play the ukelele πŸͺ•
Lynsey: Logistics and Finisher
Lynsey's favourite colour is blue and she used to be an avid horse rider! 🐎
Chris Wells: Screen Print
Screen Print
Chris just got married after being engaged for over 10 years, congratulations! πŸ₯³
Sean: Embroidery
Sean's favourite colour is Burgandy and has never been seen without a cap on 🧒
Hardeep Singh: Content Creator, Ludacris' strongest defender
Content Creator
Hardeep's favourite colour is red and is aiming to watch 365 brand new movies (to him) this year! πŸŽ₯
Michael: Screen Printer
Screen Print
Nicola Bain: Sewing Sorcerer
Nicola was on holiday for picture day ☹️ She's our expert sewer and the pride of Scotland
Scott Roberts: Heat Press
Heat Press
Scott didn't show up for Picture day πŸ˜πŸ‘Ž In their spare time they have their own eponymous clothing line
Billy: Screen Print
Screen Print
Kris: Screen Print
Screen Print
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Nicole Locher
Nothing is ever too much trouble for Custom Planet. Quick to quote and fast turnaround when needed! Definitely one of the better companies to work with and most excellent communication throughout the jobs!
Lexi Gatte
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