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Garment Finishing

The key to adding extra perceived value to your fashion range.

Custom Planet offer a long list of garment finishing services to add a high quality finishing touch to your custom clothing.

Neck Labels

Rebranding your our stock garments is a no-brainer for new fashion brands. We can remove the stock garment label and replace with your own woven tags or printed neck labels.  For a little extra cost you can create a mountain of extra perceived value for your brand.

Hem/Sleeve Tags

Woven or printed tags added to the sleeve or hem of your garment add more value to the garment and allow you to sell a fully rebranded garment for a higher price. Plus they look awesome!

Swing Tags

Swing tags can also be added to each garment. We can supply anything from a simple rectangular tag to dye-cut shapes and folded swing tags.  Applying to the garment is easy with a tagging gun or if you want to go fancy you can use some nice string or ribbon.  We can print and supply swing tags from £50 for 250. Most customers choose to apply the tags themselves and we can advise on where to pick up the equipment to do this.


Increasingly important especially for larger fashion brands is the need to polybag individual garments.  This makes it much easier to distribute and protect garments from dust, spills or damage.


For those lucky enough to be selling through other stores you may need to add barcodes to your garments for easy scanning at checkout or warehouse. We can print and attach barcodes to your swing tags or polybags for a small additional cost.


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